10 Things to Read if You're Freaking out About Your Student Loans

By Jen Williamson Updated on May 13, 2019

Let me guess: it’s 3:49 in the morning, and you’re awake and stressing out about your student loans again. If that’s what’s going on right now, we gotcha.

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath, realize things aren’t as bad as your jerk brain is telling you they are, and read a few articles online that make you feel better. Here are 10 things to read if you’re freaking about your student loans right this minute.

1. You’re not the only one struggling with this…trust us

 Adulting with student loans is basically living life on Hard Mode.

guilty confessions

2. That nagging feeling that you’re not good enough?

...the most accomplished people you know have it.

impostor syndrome-1

3. Haven’t hit those adulting milestones yet?

Neither has anyone else in your graduating class.


4. All the anxiety you feel? It’s not just you being lame

 Student loans can give you PTSD. For real. (Take care of yourself.)


5. But…maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem?

 Hey, if this contributor from Forbes thinks you’re doing OK…

Not so bad-1


New call-to-action

6. It could always be worse

 Think you have the worst student loan debt on the planet? There’s always someone worse off. 

More debt

7. You didn’t make a mistake getting your degree

 It’s easy to blame yourself for the debt you’re in. But you wanted to achieve your dreams, and you did all the right things to make it happen. Don’t let anyone bring you down for that—even yourself.


8 (and 9). You can do big, audacious things, even with student loans

People do it all the time. Whether it’s adding to their family…


…or running off to work on the beach.

Run away

10. Sometimes what makes you feel better is taking action

 Maybe one of these strategies could work for you?


Want to shave a couple hundred bucks off your monthly payment? Consider refinancing. Check out our handy student loan refinancing calculator to see how much you could save. 

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