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University of Florida Online Degrees: What You Need to Know

Distance learning is evolving all the time and one of the schools on the leading edge is University of Florida. It currently offers more than 200 degrees that can be completed online, allowing you to earn the same four-year degree you'd earn by taking on-campus classes.

There are also graduate degree programs and certificate programs if you want to further your education without matriculating in a full-fledged college program.
Best of all, these programs were built with the non-traditional student in mind. That means that you're generally able to work through study modules at the times that best suit you—which is a real positive if you already have a full-time job or you're a caretaker for small children or aging family members.

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FAQs about earning a degree online through the University of Florida

Do I have to be a Florida resident?

No. Just as on-campus students who are residents of other states may apply to UF, so may online students. 

However, you won’t get the same benefit of in-state tuition that Florida residents enjoy. If you're considering an online degree program, it's a good strategy to investigate schools in your home state first, so you can take advantage of all the discounts that might be available to you. 

Can anyone take classes for an online degree program?

No. You must go through the regular application process for the university before taking classes in a degree program. That means you need to adhere to the same requirements, including being a high school graduate or having a GED, furnishing your transcripts, and getting letters of recommendation.

Do I ever have to be on-campus or can I do my whole program of study online?

Each program of study is different, but many can be completed 100% through online coursework.

It's important to note that some programs, such as nursing, may require practical study in a lab or medical setting. However, UF may allow you to substitute online activities to meet some of these requirements, or you may be able to complete your clinical studies in your local community. 

Whatever program you're interested in, be sure to find out in advance whether you'll need to make arrangements for aspects of study that may require in-person attendance. 

Can I get financial aid for online classes?

Yes. The same financial aid is available to all students, regardless of online or on-campus programs.

If you’re considering going to UF (or any college, for that matter), be sure to fill out the FAFSA (otherwise known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Doing so will qualify for you federal financial aid, such as grants and low-interest federal student loans. It will also open the door for institutional and state aid. Check out our question-by-question guide for filling out the FAFSA.


Are UF online degrees respected?

Yes. UF’s online program was rated as the fifth-best online degree program in U.S. News and World Report’s annual roundup of online colleges.

One standout feature of UF online programs is that they are taught by the same faculty who teach on-campus courses. This is worth noting, since many bricks-and-mortar colleges hire adjunct professors to handle much of their online course load.

What bachelor’s degrees can I earn online?

Select from majors including:

  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Communications Sciences and Disorders
  • Computer Science
  • Criminology
  • Education Sciences
  • Environmental Management
  • Fire & Emergency Services
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Health Education & Behavior
  • Microbiology and Cell Science
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Public Relations
  • Sociology
  • Sports Management
  • Telecommunications, Media & Society

You can also augment your major by selecting from a wide of array of minor programs. Many minors may also be completed entirely online.

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