Nitro Knowledge. Your Guide to Paying for College.

When you’re tackling the process of budgeting for college, it’s easy to focus on the marquee expenses and forget the secondary costs.

Unfortunately, if you do your number-crunching and leave out a long list of incidentals, you may end up relying more heavily on student loan money than you intended. Here's what you need to know to plan in advance. 

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The most affordable way to earn a bachelor's degree is pretty simple: Start at a community college and then transfer to a public, in-state school. Oh, and live at home if you can. 

This may not be the sexiest option you can imagine, but with ever-soaring tuition costs, it just might be the most sensible path. Your future self will thank you for not going into massive debt to fund your education.

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If you're like many young adults, going off to college is the first time you're wading out into the big, bad world of independent living. 

While the main focus is, of course, getting a quality education, college also provides a great opportunity to develop the money skills you'll need after you graduate. 

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Here, in these early days of our glorious digital era, you can see universities all over the country without ever leaving your home. Some you can even tour via virtual reality. Amazing! Money-saving! Impersonal!

If your daughter is going to invest four or five years of her life living in an entirely new environment, if your son is going to be a short flight but a long drive away, then your college-selection decision process calls for some actual reality: it's time for a road trip.

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There are a lot of different financial ingredients to consider when figuring out how to pay for college and the “recipe” for every family is different.

For families across the financial spectrum, a part-time job for their college student is a piece of the puzzle, whether it's just for some extra pizza money or to pay the tuition bill.

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If the idea of digging in your car seats for money leaves you feeling less than thrilled about your summer plans (or lack thereof), you’re not alone. 

The good news: with a little bit of ambition and a whole lot of creativity you can make some serious bank over the summer — and we’re not talking about slinging burgers or folding and refolding sweaters at the mall. 

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