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State-based grants and scholarships can be some of your best sources to pay for college. The money is out there. You just need to find it. Here’s some help to jumpstart your efforts. Start by selecting your state and then explore the resources

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Here, Alabama students can find applications for multiple state funded grants and scholarships. These scholarships are available specifically to Alabama students, and are based on financial need. Read more

The Linly Heflin Scholarship is given annually to an Alabama woman pursuing a 4 year undergraduate degree. To be eligible, applicants must be female residents of Alabama, with a minimum 2.5 GPA who demonstrate financial need. Read more

The Alabama Legion Scholarship provides grants for tuition, room and board and other fees to students enrolled in accredited colleges. These grants are available to the children and grandchildren of veterans of World War I, WWII, Vietnam, and Korea who are also Alabama residents. Read more

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The Alaska Education Grant provides need based financial assistance to residents of Alaska attending approved colleges or universities in Alaska. Grants range from $500-$3000 and students of any major are welcome to apply. Read more

The University of Alaska Scholars program allocates as many as 1,000 scholarships to Alaska high school juniors in the top 10% of their class, who are intending to study at the University of Alaska. These scholarships are given in the amount of $11,000 spread across eight semesters of college. Read more

Attending an Alaska institution for higher learning? If you are majoring in science, technology, math, or engineering you are eligible to apply for the Alaska Space Grant scholarship. This stipend promotes research related to NASA’s interests, and is available to all undergraduate students in STEM programs. Read more

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The state of Arizona provides scholarships and grants to students demonstrating significant financial need.  Visit the link to find out more about the Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership and other Arizona grant programs. Read more

The Arizona Elk Society is offering multiple scholarships to students pursuing a degree in, or closely related to, wildlife sciences.  Applicants must be Arizona residents planning to attend any accredited college or university in the US.  Scholarships for current college students, and high school seniors headed for college are available. Read more

The Project Management Institute Phoenix Chapter is offering a scholarship to students pursuing degrees in project management at any accredited college or university in the country. To be eligible to receive the scholarship, students must be Arizona residents, and be pursuing a career in project management at an institution for higher learning. Read more

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The state of Arkansas offers a number of resources to Arkansas residents to help learn about and finance college. Visit the website to explore scholarship and grant opportunities, and apply for federal and state aid. Read more

The GO! Opportunities grant is a State funded, need-based grant opportunity for both full-time and part-time students at accredited colleges and universities. It is intended to help low income Arkansas students pay for costs associated with college in amounts totaling up to $1000 per school year. Read more

The Arkansas Farm Bureau offers eight scholarships of $2,000 a year to members of the Arkansas Farm Bureau and their children. Eligible students must attend an Arkansas college or university and be either a junior or senior studying agriculture; scholarships are awarded based on both academic achievement and financial need. Read more

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On the California Student Aid Commission page learn about financial aid programs for California residents, and access other state and federal financial aid resources. Read more

The National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association is offering a college scholarship to Northern California students who demonstrate dedication to the NLGJA mission. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university, and be pursuing a degree in journalism to be eligible. Read more

The Association of California Water Agencies awards two scholarships to students pursuing degrees in water-resource related fields. Scholarships are based on merit as well as financial need, and may total up to $3,500. Read more

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Here Colorado residents can find resources detailing the costs of college, and providing guidance on how to apply for grants, scholarships, and financial aid to help cover those costs. Read more

The College Opportunity Fund provides state scholarships to students seeking to attend private or public colleges in Colorado. Students should demonstrate financial need, and must meet the standards of the Colorado Commission for Higher Education. Read more

The Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Technical School Scholarship is awarded to Colorado technical school students pursuing a career in the coal industry. Students applying should be attending a technical school for their first year, and be in good standing. Read more

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Connecticut’s Office of Higher Education provides resources to students in Connecticut to help learn about and apply for financial aid to cover college costs. Visit the site to view federal and state scholarship and grant programs available to Connecticut students and find out what aid you may be eligible for. Read more

The Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists foundation Inc. provides scholarships to students pursuing careers in Journalism. Read more

This grant uses state and federal funds to help provide greater access to college for traditionally underrepresented students. Awards vary based on financial need and availability of funds. Read more

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The Delaware Department of education offers a number of scholarships available to Delaware residents continuing their education. Explore the official state website to learn more about eligibility requirements and apply. Read more

The Delaware Community Foundation offers scholarships annually to Delaware students continuing their higher education at postsecondary institutions. Visit their website to learn about scholarship requirements and application deadlines. Read more

The Ronnie Williams Foundation offers multiple scholarships related to law enforcement and the criminal justice field. Eligibility requirements vary across scholarships, so follow the link to learn more and apply. Read more

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Students can learn more about their federal and general financial aid options such as scholarships and grants by exploring the Florida Department of Education’s Financial Aid Resources page. These helpful links will help Florida residents understand the financial aid process, and make the most of their options. Read more

The Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties offers a variety of scholarships eligible to Florida residents.  Follow the link to explore eligibility requirements and start and application today. Read more

The College Fund of Pinellas county offers a grant program available to Florida residents attending an undergraduate institution in the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools.  Eligible students must be full-time and have a permanent residence in Pinellas County. Read more

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The state of Georgia offers several scholarship and grant programs available to Georgia residents such as the HOPE grant, and the Tuition Equalization Grant.  Eligibility requirements may vary, but students should be Georgia residents attending accredited Georgia colleges or universities. Read more

The Georgia student finance commission provides students with financial aid resources to help plan for college.  Learn about state and federal financial aid options, and explore scholarships and grants to help pay for college. Read more

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta offers a number of scholarships available to Georgia residents.  Eligibility requirements vary across scholarships, so follow the link to learn more and apply. Read more

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The Hawaii Community Foundation has a number of grants and scholarships that Hawaiian residents are eligible to apply for. Scholarships are available based both on need and merit. Read more

Find state grants and scholarships for for residents of Hawaii through the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. Read more

Members of the Hawaiian Education Association and their children and grandchildren have access to scholarships for both high school senior and current college students from the HEA. Become a member or explore the HEA to learn more and apply for scholarships. Read more

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Learn about filling out the FAFSA, explore state financial aid options, and more for Idaho residents planning to continue their education after high school. Read more

Find out about state scholarship resources to apply for need, and merit based aid. Available only to Idaho residents attending accredited colleges and universities. Read more

The Steele Reese Foundation’s Idaho Scholarship Program supports Idaho students continuing their education with scholarship endowments at 12 colleges and universities in the western United States. Read more

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The state of Illinois offers several scholarship and grant opportunities to eligible Illinois residents continuing their education.  Follow the link to learn more and apply for a need based grant or scholarship through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Read more

Back 2 School Illinois offers scholarships to high achieving high school seniors headed to 4 year colleges to continue their education. All applicants must be Illinois residents and be graduating seniors in high school. Read more

The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois offers more than 80 unique scholarships and awards available to Illinois residents.  Follow the link to explore individual scholarships, learn more about eligibility requirements, and apply. Read more

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The Indiana Commission for Higher Education offers several scholarship programs for Indiana college students. Explore these and learn about filling out the FAFSA now. Read more

Indiana juniors attending an Indiana college or university are eligible to apply for the Education Foundation Scholarship from the Indiana CPA Society. Students who apply should be pursuing a career accounting. Read more

Students pursuing a career in law enforcement are eligible to apply for scholarships through the Indiana Sheriff’s association. Scholarship gifts are primarily merit based. Read more

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The state of Iowa offers several scholarship and grant programs available to qualifying Iowa residents. Explore the options and apply now through the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. Read more

The Eychaner Foundation offers scholarships for Iowa residents attending college in Iowa and at other colleges and universities in the US. These scholarships are merit based, and are given on an annual basis. Read more

Students with an interest in the mortuary sciences can apply for scholarships from the Iowa Funeral Directors Association. Multiple scholarships are available and are awarded based on a variety of factors including citizenship and academic achievement. Read more

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The Kansas Board of Regents offers a variety of scholarships and grants available to eligible students.  State scholarships and grants are based on financial need and are available only to Kansas residents. Read more 

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation offers a number of undergraduate scholarships to Kansas City area residents.  Eligibility requirements vary widely across scholarships, so follow the link to explore opportunities and find out if you should apply. Read more 

Kansas students attending an accredited Kansas college or university to study accounting are eligible to apply for scholarships from the Kansas Society of CPAs.  Follow the link to learn more and apply for merit based scholarships from the KSCPA. Read more

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The state of Kentucky offers multiple need based financial aid programs to students such as the Kentucky college access program and the Kentucky Tuition Grant Applicants must be Kentucky residents attending an eligible Kentucky college or university. Read more

Learn about and apply for state based grants and scholarships through the state of Kentucky.  Only Kentucky residents are eligible to apply. Read more

The Community foundation of Louisville awards up to $1 million in scholarship funds to Kentucky students each year through a variety of scholarships.  Visit the link to learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply. Read more

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Learn about and apply for federal and state specific grants available to students from Louisiana.  Award amounts and application requirements vary. Read more 

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation offers number of scholarships to students from the state of Louisiana.  Visit their website to learn about the application process and apply today. Read more 

The Gwen Higgins English Scholarship Fund is a scholarship awarded to a high school senior at Lake Arthur High School who has completed 4 years of high school english.  Students should be pursuing a college degree, and maintain good academic standing. Read more 

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Maine residents have access to a number of state grants through the Finance Authority of Maine. Explore these grants and other options to help pay for college if you are a Maine resident. Read more

The Mainely Character scholarship is awarded to Maine High School seniors pursuing a post-secondary education.  This scholarship is awarded primarily based on the character of the individual applicants.  Follow the link to learn more about Mainely Character and apply. Read more

The Maine Community Foundation provides various scholarships available to all Maine residents. Eligibility requirements may vary across scholarships. Read more

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Explore the Maryland Education Commission to view state financial assistance programs and applications.  Grants and scholarships are available based on financial need, intended career, and more. Read more 

Chesapeake Bay Trust’s Student of the Year Scholarship is a merit based scholarship available to Maryland residents engaged in environmental activism. Read more 

The Baltimore Community Foundation offers a number of scholarships to Maryland residents pursuing higher education.  Follow the link to learn more about eligibility and how to apply. Read more 

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Massachusetts offers financial aid resources to residents with financial need such as MASSGrants and Public Service Grant Program.  These grants are state awarded and based on need. Read more

The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts awards scholarships to hundreds of Massachusetts residents, totalling millions of dollars each year.  Scholarships are merit based and are available to full-time and part-time students. Read more

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Massachusetts offers a number of scholarships available to Massachusetts women pursuing higher education.  Follow the link to explore individual scholarships and learn how to apply. Read more

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Student aid is available to residents of Michigan in the form of several scholarships and grants available through the state of michigan. State scholarships are primarily need based, however eligibility requirements may vary. Read more

The Grant Rapids Community foundation offers a variety of scholarships to students. Scholarship eligibility requirements may vary across awards. Read more

The Michigan Retailers association offers college scholarships to the employees of retailers and their families. Scholarships are merit based. Read more

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Minnesota grants are awarded on the basis of both financial need and merit to help Minnesota families cover the costs of college. There is no charge to apply and all Minnesota residents enrolled in an accredited college are welcome to apply. Read more

Minnesota Masonic Charities offers a variety of scholarships available to Minnesota residents.  Scholarships are available for both 4 year and 2 year students. Read more

The Central Minnesota Community Foundation offers a number of scholarships for both graduating high school seniors and current college students.  Follow the link to explore the options for Minnesota residents and learn how to apply. Read more

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Mississippi residents are eligible to apply for scholarships through the Mississippi Office of Financial Aid. Eligibility requirements vary across scholarships and grants. Read more

The Mississippi Municipal League Scholarship Program is a merit based scholarship competition for high school students planning to attend a college or university in Mississippi. Read more

The Community Foundation of Greater Jackson awards multiple scholarships to students each year in the state of Mississippi. Read more

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The Missouri Dept. of Higher Education offers several grants and scholarships to Missouri residents. Eligibility requirements vary, but scholarships are awarded based on financial need, merit, athleticism, and more. Read more

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks offers a variety of scholarships with varying eligibility requirements. Follow the link to explore financial aid opportunities for Missouri residents only. Read more

The Society of Mayflower Descendants offers an essay writing scholarship contest annually to residents of Missouri. Essay topics should be related to the mayflower pilgrims, and multiple winners will be chosen for awards of varying amounts. Follow the link to learn more, read previous winning essays, and download an application form. Read more

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Montana’s Office of Student Financial Services lists important phone numbers that connect to scholarship specialists, education savings analysts, and debt managers. Their website also links to the Two-Year and Community College Education division, which provides links to specialty programs meant to inform and aid students interested in enrolling in two-year education. Read more

The Montana community foundation provides scholarships from anywhere between $500 and $5,000, as well as renewable scholarships for support throughout college. Read more

The Central Montana Foundation is another great resource for High School seniors to receive funding for postsecondary education. The foundation gives about $200,000 in scholarships per year. Read more

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Nebraska’s financial aid website includes links to federal funding, such as the office of Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA), as well as information and scholarships from the state. Specific to Nebraska is ScholarshipQuest (a free database with 2,000 Nebraska-based scholarships), the Nebraska Education Savings Trust (a financial service to help save for college), and Nebraska’s Community College Gap Assistance Program (grants financial aid to low-income students enrolled in community college in high-need fields). Additional resources include information for military financial aid. Read more

The Nebraska Community Foundation announces scholarships that they are offering on this web page. The Youth Scholar College Scholarship Fund in particular may be of interest for students who are pursuing a postsecondary degree and live in specific areas in Nebraska. Check here to see if any apply to you! Read more

The Western Nebraska Community College also offers a list of outside scholarships that students can apply to even if they do not plan on attending this specific institution. Read more

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Nevada provides a link to a comprehensive list of scholarships and grants that are available for Nevada students. The list includes field-specific scholarships, a description for each scholarship, and links each to a website for more information. Read more

The Nevada Community Foundation has scholarships and grants made possible by generous donors. Check it out to see if you are eligible for one! Read more

Western Nevada’s community foundation gives tips about applying for scholarships as well as scholarships that the foundation offers. Read more

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New Hampshire

The NHHEAF is comprised of 3 nonprofit organizations that aim to help students reach their goals of going to college. Whether you are just starting to plan, or are looking for help along the way, this site can help students and parents discover the resources available. Read more

The Fisher Cats Scholarship is given to 10 NH or MA graduating high schoolers for academic achievement, athletic achievement, or citizenship. Read more

The NH Charitable Foundation is a great resource for students who are interested in a scholarship. Students must only fill out one application and then will automatically be matched up with the scholarships that applies to them. The foundation gives over $5 million to help students get to college. Read more

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New Jersey

New Jersey provides links to financial assistance, grants and scholarships, student recognition and awards programs, and educators and agencies. Read more

This website is dedicated to helping New Jersey students find grants and scholarships, such as the NJ TAG, NJ STARS, and the Governor’s Urban Scholarship Program. Read more

Information can be found here on New Jersey’s specific resource on scholarship opportunities for people who have dedicated significant time to volunteer work. Read more

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New Mexico

New Mexico’s Higher Education Department offers many scholarships and grants to New Mexico public colleges and university, such as New Mexico Scholars, Athletic Scholarship, Bridge Scholarship, and College Affordability Grant. They present information on field-specific loan programs, as well, such as Nursing Loan-For-Service, Allied Health Loan-for-Service, and Teacher Loan-For-Service. Additionally, they give information about their Work Study Program. Read more

Students of New Mexico may be eligible for a scholarship from the New Mexico Community Foundation. Although the scholarships are specific to certain high schools, they are a great resource that provide a lot of funding to students. Read more

The Albuquerque Foundation’s scholarships and grants are numerous and diverse. Students can find information about scholarships that are specific to the field of study students wish to pursue in college. Read more

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New York

New York’s step-by-step application for financial aid starts with federal financial aid and move into statewide support and state-specific scholarships and grants, including the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), NYS Educational Opportunity Program, NYS Math and Science Teaching Incentive Scholarship, and NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence. Thier website also provides information about understanding financial aid packages, once accepted into a school. Read more 

The New England Society in the City of New York awards students who are from one of the five boroughs of the city with financial assistance in paying for college. Read more 

The Northern New York Community Foundation’s page on scholarship gives details about applying. You must be a resident of Jefferson, Lewis or St. Lawrence county. Read more 

The New York City Dance Alliance is a unique scholarship opportunity for students who intend on pursuing dance or musical theater in college. Read more

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North Carolina

Both need and merit-based scholarships and grants are outlined by the College Foundation of North Carolina. While many scholarships and grants are through FAFSA (Federal Student Aid), their are North Carolina-specific programs, such as the Florence Kidder Memorial ScholarshipGSK Opportunity Scholarships, the North Carolina Education and Training Voucher Program, and the North Carolina Hispanic College Fund Scholarshi. Read more 

The North Carolina Community Foundation’s scholarship search is a great tool for students looking for financial aid assistance for college. Read more 

Scholarships are also available through the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina which awards students who have financial need, a record of academic achievement, a background in being an active member of the community, and strong moral character. Read more

Click here to see more North Carolina specific resources.

North Dakota

North Dakota offers academic scholarships, including North Dakota Academic Scholarships, North Dakota Career & Technical Education Scholarships, and North Dakota Indian Scholarships. North Dakota also has a State Student Incentive Grant Program which permits applications for multiple semesters. Read more

The North Dakota Community Foundation gives scholarships that are state-wide, county-wide, and community based. For students who might already be familiar with these scholarships, there is an alphabetized list to help locate a specific one. Read more

The college planning website, run by the state of North Dakota, can help students find scholarship and grant opportunities, as well as provide information about picking the right postsecondary institution. Read more

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Besides individual college and university grants and scholarships, Ohio has a number of state programs that administer financial awards. These awards are given for academic achievement, financial need, and for students who want to pursue specific fields of study. Some of these awards include: Choose Ohio First, Ohio College Opportunity Grant, Forever Buckeyes, and Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund. Ohio also has the OhioHigherEd College Access Information Hotline, which can help guide on which scholarships might apply to you (1-800-233-6734). Read more

The Akron Community Foundation provides information on scholarships specifically for students who are from high schools in Akron, Ohio. Read more

The Hamilton Foundation is dedicated to giving citizens of Butler County access to higher education. Read more

The Community Foundation of Western PA and Eastern Ohio has scholarships that are specific to areas in Eastern Ohio. Many of these scholarships are field-specific or specific to graduates of a specific high school. Read more

Click here to see more Ohio specific resources.


Oklahoma’s Higher education website lists helpful links to financial aid information and scholarships/grant information that will help prospective college students understand the logistics of applying and going to college. Oklahoma emphasizes its commitment to higher education in its program, “Oklahoma’s Promise,” which gives 8th, 9th, and 10th graders the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. Read more

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation has a “Scholarship Directory” that can help students find scholarship opportunities. Be sure to browse through each scholarship to see if one may apply to you! Read more

The Norman Community Foundation gives 2 local high school students the opportunity to apply to a scholarship. Read more

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Oregon’s Opportunity Grant is their “largest state-funded need-based grant program for students planning to go to college.” Read more

Additionally, through the support of groups such as the Oregon Community Foundation and the Ford Family Foundation, grants and scholarships are also available. Read more

The Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion provides a list of scholarships, that in total give over $18 million to students. Read more

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With a Financial Aid interactive map, Pennsylvania notes the current tuition of State System Universities and guides students through the financial aid process. Read more

Students can also find information regarding Pennsylvania’s grant program on the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency webpage. The “Ready to Succeed Scholarship Program” (RTSS), also provided by PA’s grant program is for students whose annual family income is less than $110,000 and who are academically successful. Read more

The Chester County Community Foundation’s list of scholarships have great opportunities for PA students to obtain financial help in order to move onto a postsecondary degree. Berks County also has a foundation page for scholarships. Read more

Click here to see more Pennsylvania specific resources

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s Academic Promise Scholarship gives students with the greatest need of financial assistance that show academic potential the chance to pursue a postsecondary education. Rhode Island also provides information on college saving tools for parents interested in saving for college as early as when their child is born through the CollegeBoundFund®. Read more

The Rhode Island Foundation has many scholarships and grant opportunities available for students. Students who find a scholarship they might be interested in can find information on where to apply. Read more

The RI Red Sox Service Scholarship Program is a unique scholarship for high school seniors that are graduating from specific public schools in Rhode Island. Eligible students must be academically successful, dedicated to community service, and need financial aid. Read more

Click here to see more Rhode Island specific resources.

South Carolina

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education maintains a list of scholarships and grants that South Carolina students can apply for. Some of these include the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, the LIFE Scholarship, the HOPE Scholarship Program, as well as the SC Need-based grant. Read more 

South Carolina’s state website also provides some information about colleges and universities in the state, as well as financial aid. Read more 

Look here for the Central Carolina Community Foundation’s scholarship opportunities. They offer scholarship information based on geographic location, field of study, and specific schools. Read more

Click here to see more South Carolina specific resources.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s Scholarships include endowed scholarships, provided by South Carolina’s Board of Regents, as well as state scholarships. South Dakota also has the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship, which is a merit-based scholarship for academically-outstanding students to attend a South Dakota school recognized by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Additionally, the state provides information for applying for financial aid. Read more

The Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation has regional scholarships that students might be eligible for. Read more

This page can help students locate scholarships that might be available to them through their high school or help them find external scholarships. Read more

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Tennessee offers a “Helpful Links” page for students and parents, and connects them to information from grants and scholarships to financial aid tools. The Tennessee Student Assistance Award program is one example of a program that gives grants to students looking to pursue a college degree who are financially disadvantaged. However, there are many other ways for students to receive funding for college, which is outlined in Tennessee’s “Money For College” webpage. Read more

Scholarships are available through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Learn more about the financial opportunities they offer at this website. Read more

The website of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis keeps an updated list of scholarships for students of Tennessee. Read more

Click here to see more Tennessee specific resources.



The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation has compiled a thorough list of links that can help students understand the resources accessible to them when applying (or thinking about applying) to college. Many of the scholarships and grants available to students in Texas are determined after students complete their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). However the “Alphabetical Index to Scholarships and Other Financial Aid Programs” can guide students to specific scholarships they might be eligible for. Read more

The Community Foundation of Texas is a great way to find out about scholarships available to Texans looking for financial assistance in paying for college. The foundation also provides important questions and answers students may have about scholarships. Read more

Students can browse through scholarships on the Community Foundation of West Texas’ website. Click on this link to see if any apply to you!. Read more

Click here to see more Texas specific resources.


“Step Up Utah” is a great first resource for students considering going to college. Information includes financial aid, help with FAFSA, and information regarding scholarships. They also give links to other websites that might be useful. Read more

One website, called UtahFutures, provides a scholarship search to help students find specific scholarships, based on different categories, they might be eligible for. Read more

Students can also find general information about college from Utah’s higher education website and their state website. Read more

Click here to see more Utah specific resources.


The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation publishes booklets that include information about financial aid, grants, and scholarships and the respective information about each. Their booklet on scholarships includes the due date, restrictions, amount of money given, and even the average number of applicants. These scholarships range from the Ascutney Mountain Audubon Society Scholarship to the Alice C. Coapland Scholarship. Read more

The University of Vermont has external scholarships for Vermont students. These include the Vermont Society of Engineers (VSE) Scholarship and the Vermont Teacher Diversity Scholarship Program. Read more

The Samara Fund Scholarship is given to students who show a “dedication to the interests of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning community.” Read more

Click here to see more Vermont specific resources.


The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia can help students explore Virginia’s colleges and universities and connect to them to information regarding financial aid. Read more

Virginia’s “I am the One” website has information for everyone. Students can find information about planning and finding scholarships and parents can learn about topics like federal aid. Read more

The Community Foundation, which serves Central VA and Richmond keeps an updated list of scholarships and grants that Virginia students might be eligible to receive to continue their education past high school. Read more

Click here to see more Virginia specific resources.


The Washington Student Achievement Council’s website, “Ready. Set. Grad.,” connects to information about scholarships, grants, financial aid, and work study programs. They even provide a presentation called “Financial Aid 101” if you are looking for a good place to start. Read more

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington has many local scholarships available to browse through on their website. This is a great place for students from Washington to get an idea of the scholarships that they might be able to apply for. Read more

Similarly, the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington is a local organization that gives successful students that apply some financial resources to make paying for college possible or more manageable. Read more

Click here to see more Washington specific resources.

West Virginia

The College Foundation of West Virginia is a great place to look for students who are just starting to explore scholarship options. Read more

Scholarships specific to West Virginia, such as the PROMISE Scholarship, in addition to national scholarships that might be of interest to students from West Virginia, can be found at the state’s Department of Education website. Read more

The Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation can help local students find scholarships to put towards pursuing a degree in higher education. Read more

Click here to see more West Virginia specific resources.


Wisconsin’s “Financial Aid Programs” website includes a guide to particular scholarships and grants that Wisconsin students might be qualified to receive. The academic excellence scholarship, in particular, is awarded to the most academically successful students from each high school in Wisconsin to put towards tuition in a Wisconsin institution. Read more

The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin grants up to $4,000 of scholarships to individual students. Visit this page for more information about how to apply. Read more

Another great website for students of Wisconsin to visit for scholarships is the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin webpage. Read more

Click here to see more Wisconsin specific resources.


Wyoming’s state scholarships provide students moving from high school to higher education with financial assistance. Read more

For students interested in community college, Wyoming’s webpage specific to community college institutions can direct students to the financial aid websites for each college. Information can also be found here regarding the Nursing Tuition Program and the Veterans Tuition Benefit. The Hathaway scholarship is a state scholarship given to students to pursue a degree at a Wyoming community college or the University of Wyoming. Read more

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole offers a great variety of scholarships and information about scholarships for students. Read more

Click here to see more Wyoming specific resources.