How to Answer FAFSA Question #37: Student & Spouse's Income Tax

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37. Enter your (and spouse’s) income tax for 2019. Income tax amount is on IRS Form 1040—line 13 minus Schedule 2 - line 46. If negative, enter a zero here.

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Why are they asking this information?

This question asks how much you (and your spouse) had paid in income taxes.

How to answer this question / fill out this section

Depending which form you used to file your tax return, here is where you can find where these figures are located within the form:

  • IRS Form 1040: Subtract line 46 from line 56 and enter the total
  • IRS Form 1040A: Subtract line 36 from line 28 and enter the total
  • IRS Form 1040EZ: Use Line 10