Who Is Behind Nitro?

Behind the scenes at Nitro you’ll find a staff of financial services, communications and education professionals - with decades of experience to help you responsibly pay for college and once you have graduated help you pay down and save money on your student loans.

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Justin Moran

Chief Digital Officer

Eric Barba

Managing Director

Our Team

Curt Fournier

Head of Data Engineering

Daniel Kim

Head of Analytics

Karen Nickerson

Product Experience Consultant

Jon O'Donnell

Head of Operations

Lucas Roy

Data Engineering Analyst

Carol Katarsky


Tesha McMillon

Financial Aid Advisor

How We Make Money

College is more expensive than ever. Proof: 44.7 million people have student loans they’re trying to pay off - totaling an estimated $1.53 trillion in student loan debt.

Here at Nitro, we take pride in helping students and their families evaluate how to responsibly pay for and pay off their college education.

Paying for a college education is a complicated decision that has lasting implications. It’s a huge responsibility on the shoulders of our teenagers that can have potentially negative effects on their financial future. Whether providing incoming freshmen and their parents with the tools needed to navigate college financing, steps to minimize debt, or providing scholarships to students in need, we are honored to guide students along their educational journeys.

We also want to help graduates with student loan debt stop beating yourself up about your monthly payments and start making real strides to pay it off. $200 million dollars. That’s how much college grads have saved on student loan payments—working with Nitro.  How much could you save?

Before recommending any services we put the lenders displayed thru a vetting process that includes: the competitiveness of rates, repayment options and terms, any discounts offered, any fees or penalties to be aware of,  eligibility requirements, responsiveness to customers and applicants, and the lenders overall reputation and history. 

We’re not a lender. We’re a partner in helping you and your families pay for college and helping college grads manage student loan debt in the most-efficient way for each persons unique circumstance.

If you take out a loan to pay for college and/or refinance your student loan debt, we sometimes get a commission from our partners. We are deeply committed to only recommending reputable lenders that can provide real assistance in improving your financial situation.

We also provide insights and advice that you can use to help shore up your financial future. Preferably, that future will be debt-free.

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