Who Is Nitro?

We’re a team of financial services, communications, and education professionals with decades of experience helping students succeed on their unique education journeys—and now we’re proud to be part of the Sallie Mae family. Together, Nitro and Sallie Mae can offer you new ways to help you plan and responsibly pay for college.

How Nitro and Sallie Mae Help Students

College is more expensive than ever. Proof: 44.7 million people have student loans they’re trying to pay off—totaling an estimated $1.7 trillion in student loan debt. What’s more, the process of planning for college keeps getting more complicated.

At Nitro and Sallie Mae, we take pride in helping students figure out how to plan, pay for, and pay off their education. We’re here to make it all simpler and less stressful.

Paying for an education requires complicated decisions that have lasting implications. It’s a huge responsibility on the shoulders of our teenagers that can have potentially negative effects on their financial future. That’s why we provide tools to help students and families evaluate school costs to see what you can really afford, navigate the financial aid process, and match you with scholarships that could potentially knock thousands off college costs.

For students considering a private loan to cover their school expenses after financial aid, scholarships, and savings, we’ll help you borrow thoughtfully. Through Sallie Mae, you can apply for student loans with flexible ways to repay, plus options than can save you money on total loan costs.

We also provide insights and plenty of free information you can use to plan your education and shore up your financial future.

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