Scholarships for College Students

There are thousands of scholarships available for college students that can be narrowed down based on background, major and financial need. Use our guide to sort through scholarship opportunities based on eligibility and check out our resources for more information on how to pay for college.

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College Scholarship Guides for 2022


Scholarships for Women

Women have been fighting for gender equality for centuries leading up to female-led scientific discoveries, technological advances and more. Explore hundreds of scholarships for women and narrow down options based on field of study, award amount and need-based aid.


Scholarships for Minorities

Colleges are more diverse every year, but with rising cost of tuition it’s important for students of every race to have the means to enroll. Find scholarships for students of African American, Alaska Native, Asian American, Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander descent.


Scholarships for the Disabled

Although opportunities exist for students with a wide range of disabilities, the cost of college can still deter high school graduates from pursuing higher education. To help you finance your degree, sort through all the national scholarships available for students with disabilities.


Scholarships for Veterans

If you’re a veteran who has served in the U.S. military, you and your family qualify for a number of scholarships and grants that will help cover the cost of higher education. Sort through the many national scholarships available to find an opportunity that will help pay for your degree. 


Graduate School Scholarships

To help fund your graduate degree, follow our guide and use the interactive tool to sort through the scholarship opportunities for graduate students based on your field of study and award amount.


Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Despite undocumented students inability to receive federal funding, there are still many options available to receive support. Use our guide to sort through all scholarship opportunities for undocumented students.


Scholarships for Single Mothers

If you’re a single mother or father looking for ways to help support your college education, use our scholarship guide to find specific scholarships created with you in mind.


African American Scholarships

Millions of dollars are donated annually to privately funded institutions, scholarships, grants and awards targeted specifically towards students of color. Help finance your degree by sorting through many scholarships available for African Americans.


Native American Scholarships

Many opportunities exist for Native American students to receive support towards the pursuit of higher education. Use our interactive guide to sort through the many scholarships and resources available for Native Americans.


Scholarships for Hispanic Students

Massive amounts of opportunities exist for Hispanic and Latino students when it comes to financial aid. To learn more about how you can pay for college, use our guide to sort through resources and all scholarships available.


Scholarships for Nursing Students

Use our guide to learn more about how you can qualify to be a nurse and how you can fund your college education with financial aid opportunities and nursing scholarships.


Scholarships for Teachers

If you're working towards a degree with a goal of becoming a teacher, use our interactive guide to learn how you can qualify, and sort through all the scholarship opportunities to help fund your college education.


Scholarships for Asian Americans

If you’re an Asian-American student looking for ways to help fund your college education, use our resources and scholarship guide to find funding opportunities catered towards Asian-American students regardless of their field of study or socio-economic status.


Engineering Scholarships

Many opportunities exist for students pursuing an engineering degree. Our interactive guide will help you find the appropriate funding that matches your financial needs to bring you steps closer to pursuing your educational goals.


Law Scholarships

Current and aspiring law students can use our interactive tool to find and apply to law school scholarships based on award amount, financial need and concentration. Whether you're a pre-law student or in law school, we've pulled together an extensive list of scholarships to help finance your degree.


LGBTQ Scholarships

Students of the LGBTQ community face unique challenges in their personal lives and academia, but financing college shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve put together a list of scholarships to help ally and identifying students better achieve their educational goals.


Computer Science Scholarships

Computer science has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries and highest-paying career paths in the U.S. economy. To help students take advantage of these opportunities, we’ve compiled scholarships geared specifically for students pursuing a degree in computer science.


Athletic Scholarships

While athletic scholarships are some of the most popular and competitive financial awards, many opportunities exist outside the traditional realm. This interactive allows student-athletes to find scholarships offered by a wide variety of public and private benefactors based on athletic discipline, award amount, region and more.


Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are some of the most generous financial awards for college students and unlike need-based aid, merit awards can go to any student regardless of socioeconomic status. For students who stand out in scholastic and personal achievement, there are many scholarship opportunities available that can help pay for college.


STEM Scholarships

STEM scholars determine our nation’s capacity to innovate which is why private and public benefactors donate millions of dollars annually to help students receive an education and become leading professionals within STEM industries. Explore this tool to find STEM Scholarships based on award amount, need and concentration.