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The Ultimate Guide to Military Spouse Scholarships

If your spouse is in the military and you're looking for ways to fund your education, you've come to the right place. While military spouses are entitled to some benefits related to education, they probably aren't enough to cover your tuition.

Thankfully, there are many scholarship options geared toward husbands and wives of service members in the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines Corp, and Navy. Our comprehensive scholarship guide for military spouses is a one-stop shop — no need to dig through dozens of websites because we've done the work for you.

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We've compiled a list of opportunities for dependents by military branch. Search for:

Be sure to click on each scholarship for deadlines and award amounts. 

Air Force


The Mike and Gail Donley Spouse Scholarship

Applicants must be pursuing their associate's, bachelor's or post-graduate degrees. Specifically designed for spouses of Air Force active duty, Air National Guard service members, or Air Force civilian employees.

Air Force Association Spouse Scholarship

Provides financial assistance for undergraduate or graduate study to spouses of Air Force active duty, Air National Guard, or Air Force Reserve members. Applicants must submit a two-page essay on their career goals and how the Air Force and their community involvement will enhance these goals, as well as two letters of recommendation. 

General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program

A need-based grant program for children and spouses of active duty, retired, and fallen active duty Air Force members. 




Army Emergency Relief Spouse Education Assistance Program

This scholarship helps fund an undergraduate degree for spouses of active duty or retired soldiers, as well as widows(ers) who can demonstrate financial need. Those who receive aid from the GI Bill or other sources will only receive a partial scholarship.

Army Foundation Scholarships

More than a dozen scholarship opportunities are available under this umbrella for military children and spouses based on academic performance and participation in school and community activities. 

SMA Leon Van Autreve Scholarship

SMA Leon Van Autreve Scholarship provides educational support to Army soldiers and their family members who have dedicated themselves to service.

Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship

For college-level education of members of the AAAA and their spouses and children.


Coast Guard 

Coast Guard

The Navy Wives Club of America-NMCCG Enlisted Dependent Spouse Scholarship

For Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard spouses and widows or widowers of active and retired service members. 

The Coast Guard Foundation Lisa Cook Reed Spouse Education Scholarship

For spouses of enlisted Coast Guard who are studying at a nationally or regionally accredited higher education institution. This opportunity not only covers educational expenses but also childcare costs. 


Marine Corps


The Navy Wives Club of America-NMCCG Enlisted Dependent Spouse Scholarship

For Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard spouses and widows or widowers of active and retired service members. 

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

For wives and husbands of sailors or marines who are enrolled or enrolling as full-time students at an accredited school. 




The Navy Wives Club of America-NMCCG Enlisted Dependent Spouse Scholarship

For Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard spouses and widows or widowers of active and retired service members. 

Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund

Applicants must be an immediate family member of an active duty, retired, or reserve Chief Petty Office of the U.S. Navy. 

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

For wives and husbands of sailors or marines who are enrolled or enrolling as full-time students at an accredited school. 

Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation  

To provide college scholarships to dependent children and spouses of all Navy active duty, retired, or deceased service members who served in the Naval Air Forces. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of scholastic merit and community service.




Corvias Foundation Scholarships For Military Spouses

Applicants must be attending a community, technical, or four-year university as an undergraduate or graduate student. This scholarship is specifically for spouses of an active duty service member stationed at one of the following bases:

  • Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Fort Bragg
  • Fort Meade
  • Fort Polk
  • Fort Riley
  • Fort Rucker
  • Fort Sill
  • Edwards AFB
  • Eglin AFB
  • Eielson AFB
  • Hurlburt Field
  • McConnell AFB
  • Seymour Johnson AFB

National Military Family Association Military Spouse Scholarships

Incoming or current college students who are married to a service member, whether active duty, medically retired or wounded or fallen, can take advantage of this opportunity.

Pat Tillman Foundation

You must be enrolled full-time in a degree program for this scholarship, which can be used for tuition, fees, living expenses and books. 

Patriot Scholarship 

The Patriot Scholarship offers covers 10% of tuition for students who are eligible veterans, active duty military members, or spouses enrolling in a graduate program at Divine Mercy University in Arlington, Virginia.

Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans and Service Members

This opportunity is for dependent children or un-remarried spouses of Florida veterans or service members who died from injuries, diseases or disabilities sustained while on active duty or who have been certified by with a permanent disability. This scholarship helps cover tuition and registration fees at an eligible higher education institution in Florida.

ThanksUSA Scholarship

For spouses of service members who have served full-time at least 180 days Sept. 11, 2001. The scholarship can only be used a first-time undergraduate degree. 

Veterans United Foundation Scholarship

For spouses of a deceased service member or veterans working toward an associate’s, bachelor’s, graduate, post-graduate or doctoral degree program. 

Hope for the Warriors Military Spouse Scholarship

Recognizes post-Sept. 11 spouses for what they do in the face of adversity and aims to provide financial support for continuing education at an accredited school. 

Fort Benning Community Spouses' Club Scholarship

Available to Fort Benning spouses interested in continuing their education.

Living Legacy Scholarship

To help empower spouses and children of fallen service members by helping them achieve their educational goals. 

Liberty University’s Heroes Fund Scholarship 

Provides scholarship assistance for qualifying disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and spouses of veterans killed in action to study at Liberty University's online program.

Chantell Cooley Military Spouse Scholarship

Covers  up to 60 hours of college credit at Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama, or Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa, to be applied toward an associate's, bachelor's or master’s degree.

Penn State Military Grant-in-Aid

Penn State World Campus, the online experience of the Pennsylvania State University system, offers up to 44% tuition reduction called the Military Grant-in-Aid program that can be combined with military tuition assistance to reduce the burden of college costs. The program is for  members of all military branches and their spouses. 

Military Spouses of Newport Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship for spouses of Rhode Island active duty military personnel. 

Salute to Spouses Scholarship 

Applicants who are family members of service members  active duty, retirees, and veterans  and are specifically interested in attending Bryant & Stratton College Online can have a shot at this $6,000 scholarship.

WGU Spouses to Teachers Scholarship 

This scholarship gives military spouses an opportunity to become teachers through an accredited online degree program at Western Governors University. Scholarships will be awarded based on academic record, readiness for online study, and current competency.

Folds of Honor

For spouses of service members who have been killed in action or have lost a limb while on active duty. This scholarship can be used toward a bachelor's degree. Can cover tuition as well as other expenses.

Council of College and Military Educators Scholarship

Spouses must be currently enrolled in a degree program. Applicants are evaluated based on two letters of recommendation and an essay.

Hanscom Spouses Club Scholarship

For military spouses and dependents who reside within a 60 mile radius of Hanscom Air Force Base. The scholarship is awarded based on merit, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and diversity of interests. 

Purdue University Global/National Military Family Association Scholarship

Removes financial barriers to education by covering up to 47% of tuition costs based at Purdue University Global, a 100% online degree program, for military spouses.

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