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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venmo: 4 Things Venmo Emojis Can Tell Us

You've probably been in some sort of money-related dilemma among friends before. A group of you go out to eat, you share a lot of items but some of your friends ordered more than you did, and you don't want to annoy the server by getting complicated about how you're splitting the bill.

Venmo, an app that allows you to send and receive money with the click of a button, has made these situations much easier. So Comet recently examined 18 million transactions to see how people use Venmo, and specifically the different ways men and women use emojis to communicate through the app.

Here are four interesting finds from that new study.

1. Men and women use traditionally gendered emojis

When using emojis on Venmo, men and women stuck pretty closely to traditionally male- or female-centric interests.

For example, hearts, sparkles, clothes and jewelry emojis were much more often used by women compared to men. In fact, 90% of two-heart emoji instances were by female users.

By contrast, men used emojis that represented traditionally masculine interests. Those include sports and beer emojis ... as well as fire. Is that primal thing? Do men just like really to grill? We'll leave it to you to figure out. 

2. Relationship emoji usage differs ... a lot

The bride veil emoji was ranked No. 3 as the most-used emoji by women.

It's easy to see why: the average wedding cost in the U.S. is now more than $25,000, and even the cost of being a bridesmaid is high (about $1,695). Here's how the usage of the engagement ring breaks down: 78% were women, and only 22% were men.

On the other hand, men used the eggplant and peach emojis much more than women. These two are known for being, um, sexual. The peach looks like a behind, and the eggplant looks like the male sexual organ, after all. 

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3. A clear divide on beer and wine

According to a Gallup poll, half of American women prefer wine, while more than half of men prefer to drink beer.

This divide definitely shows up on Venmo. Men were more likely to send other men the beer mug emoji, while women were more likely to send the wine glass to other women rather than men. This falls in line with other gendered uses of emojis on Venmo.

Pizza and electricity emojis are among the most popular for both genders

When requesting money, both men and women used the money with wings emoji more than any other emoji.

Among the most popular emojis for both genders are also the electric plug, lightning bolt, pizza and lightbulb. This isn't surprising. After all, these are all things you'd likely want to send or receive money for: food, likely shared among couples or friends, and electricity, probably shared among roommates.

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