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3 Novel Ways to Start a Side Hustle

It's easy to see why people want a side hustle: Extra income means paying off your student loans, your credit card debt,and boosting your savings. But side hustles are not the easiest thing in the world to manage.

When I decided to start freelance writing on nights and weekends while I was still working full-time, I knew that I could take on the long hours and the task of juggling multiple projects. But what was less clear was how I would even get work to begin with. 

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Whatever your side hustle is, launching and marketing your new business (because it is a business) is an important part of the work in order to get the clients you need. Here are three steps to take when getting your side hustle off the ground.

Build a website

The internet has made it so that anyone looking to find a roofer, a graphic designer, or a tailor can find one at the click of a button. Building your own website not only showcases your skills to attract clients, but makes it easy for potential clients to look you up.  

A good website should show:

  • Your past projects
  • Explain the services you offer (and maybe your rates, depending on what your side hustle is)
  • Who you are and how to contact you, and
  • (If you have them ...) testimonials from people who can attest to the quality of your work.

If you're not ready to create a professional page with your own domain name, you can use a free service like Weebly or WordPress. 

Advertise your services 

Now that you've got a website, start advertising yourself.

That means:

  • Posting on your social media accounts
  • Telling your family and friends
  • Handing out business cards
  • Sending out emails to local business (if it applies to your side hustle), and
  • Posting your services on Craigslist, NextDoor, Freelancer and UpWork.

Basically, share the news of your side hustle with everyone you know.

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Attend conferences and networking events

Whatever professional service you're offering — graphic design, content marketing, jewelry making, or web design — there is bound to be a conference, workshop or networking event that pertains to your skill.

These events offer you a chance to meet others in your field, learn about what it takes to launch and grow your business, and learn from industry experts.

All of these efforts will enable you to boost your client base. Following any event, keep in touch with those you meet to develop your professional network.

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