NitroScore: For Families

A college education should be an open door to success, yet many students find themselves coming out of college unnecessarily saddled with too much debt. NitroScore is designed to answer the question, How much can I afford to borrow and not be unreasonably burdened by student debt? Students often don't understand how their choice of major can affect whether or not they will be able to afford to pay their student loans after graduation. NitroScore helps remove this ambiguity.

NitroScore can help your college-bound child make smart financial decisions by showing how picking one college or major over another might impact their ability to repay student loans.

NitroScore provides an easy-to-use online tool to evaluate the earning potential of specific colleges and majors so you can smartly guide your child to make fully informed, financially sound decisions.

With NitroScore, you can determine:

  • Is a state school or a private college a better long term value for your child?
  • Which majors offer the best projected earnings potential and the best bet to pay off college loans quickly?
  • Which majors have the worst earnings potential and offer the least likely path to living a comfortable life?
  • What under-the-radar schools are the best values in America?
  • Are those expensive private, even Ivy League, schools really worth it?

A college education can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t let your college-bound child make the wrong decision. NitroScore can help.