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10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in College

If you’re in college or just getting ready for it, these 10 Instagram accounts have some inspiration and information you might want to check out. (And some of them? They’re just for fun. You’re welcome.)


Who knew cinderblock walls could look so good? Get decorating tips and enter chances to win gift cards to purchase dorm décor.


Maybe you’ve heard of a little company called Amazon? The AmazonStudent Insta is a pretty cool resource for one simple reason: you can win stuff. Frequent sweepstakes alone make this account worth the follow.

You can also get useful tips for dorm living—like how to hang stuff on your walls without pulling the paint off or making holes.


Plastic that heals itself? Handheld printers that stamp images on anything? Seriously?

Yes, seriously. Tech_insider will keep you informed about the latest innovations in tech and science.


Often funny … sometimes a little raw (don’t say we didn’t warn you) … Collegefession gathers college student confessions from across the country.

Submit your own confessions or read other people’s.


Get inspired to ditch the sweatpants by taking a look at what fashionable coeds are wearing around the world. (Are these people really college students? That’s what the site claims. We’ll go along with it for now.)


Guys can get into the fashion game, too. Denny Balmaceda is a men’s fashion blogger who creates styles that help you look rich while shopping cheap.


Get inspired. Remember what’s important. Go forth and conquer. Instructions here.


Remember we said some of these accounts are just for fun? This is one of them.


Did you know that an elephant’s trunk is actually like a nose and upper lip smooshed together? Neither did we, until we started following Smithsonian.

You’re in college to learn, right? Learn cool stuff here.


Need to detox from cafeteria food? Follow CollegeCookin for healthy recipes.

The founder of this Insta originally started it to show her parents that she could actually cook healthy food just using a microwave. Now the account has evolved to collect healthy, simple recipes from all over the Internet.

For high schools students: be sure to follow any schools you’re interested in for some inside perspective on campus life.

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