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15 Jobs You May Qualify for With Online Degree in Marketing

With so many exciting online degree options available (and more on the horizon), you may be wondering if earning your marketing degree online will be worth the investment.

The good news is that many employers don't differentiate between degrees earned online and those earned on-campus, as long as the institution is reputable and accredited. That means that earning your undergrad or grad marketing degree online may be the key that can open new doors for your future. 


Marketing is one of those disciplines that touches nearly every professional field out there. Whether you're at a Fortune 500 company, a mom-and-pop shop, or even a non-profit, marketing is necessary to drive business and secure funding.

Here are 15 jobs you may qualify for after earning your online degree in marketing, broken down degree level.

Associate's degree

1. Direct Marketer

Role: Promoting products to consumers via non-retail channels, such as mail order or telephone sales

Salary range: $25,700 to $45,370

2. Business Marketer

Role: Promoting services or products to other businesses

Salary range: $25,700 to $45,370

3. Digital Marketer

Role: Reaching customers through online channels, such as websites and social media

Salary range: $25,700 to $45,370

4. Communications Specialist

Role: Promotional or factual writing for print and digital

Salary range: $25,700 to $45,370

Bachelor's degree

5. Account Coordinator

Role: Assists in day-to-day marketing activities in support of account manager; often deals with client relations

Salary range: $32,250 to $48,750

6. MarCom Coordinator

Role: Assisting marketing/communications managers in day-to-day duties but with more emphasis on the creative side, such formulating campaigns and messaging

Salary range: $37,500 to $54,750

7. Trade Show Coordinator

Role: Set up and run trade show booths; often involves travel

Salary range: $38,750 to $54,750, plus travel expenses

8. Media Buyer

Role: Optimize ad placement with the goal of finding the best rates  and run times for TV, radio, print, and digital ads.

Salary range: $40,250 to $54,000

9. Copywriter

Role: Collaborate with account execs and graphic designers to craft messaging

Salary range: $38,350 to $54,000

10. Graphic Designer

Role: Help define, develop. and refine the look of a campaign

Salary range: $36,500 to $50,750

Master's Degree

11. Marketing Manager 

Role: Develop a strategy to market a service or product, based on analysis of industry trends and market demand 

Median salary: $140,660

12. Sales Manager

Role: Leads a company's sales force, including defining and assigning sales territories and goals 

Median 2015 salary: $130,400

13. Market Research Analyst 

Role: Study and analyze market conditions, competitors, and demand for a product or service

Median 2015 salary: $70,030

14. Advertising Sales

Role: Sell ad space, work with clients, and manage the sales team

Median 2015 salary: $61,690


15. Researcher

Role: Do in-depth research into a specific field, such as pharmaceuticals, to analyze trends, make forecasts, and identify opportunities. 

Salary range: $87,500 to $175,000.

What's next?

If you're interested in earning your marketing degree online, find out which online colleges accept the FAFSA (your gateway to federal financial aid). 

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