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Trish Sammer is Nitro's managing editor. Her work has appeared in Woman’s Day, Redbook, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Forbes. She has also written for various corporate clients, including the tech giant SAP, The Franklin Institute, and PSE&G. When Trish isn’t busy acting as a writing ninja for other people, you can find her … well, writing about other stuff, like divorce and blended family life. She lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, their combined brood, and the world’s laziest dog.
Trish Sammer

Most high school counselors recommend that students apply to five to eight colleges. In 2017, US News and World Report found that the average application fee was $43, and the most common fee was $50. So yeah, those costs can add up quickly. 

But there’s good news: you can request application fee waivers if your financial situation meets certain criteria. Your first step is to meet with your high school guidance counselor. 

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Everyone knows that attending a public college or university on an in-state basis is one of the best ways to get a quality secondary education for a relatively reasonable price.

But if your dream school is a public school in another state, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck paying out-of-state tuition.

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The number of women attending college have increased steadily throughout the last several decades. However, once out of college, women in the United States still face a pay gap. They make about 80% of the salary of their male colleagues. Yet, they face the same college debt as male students, so paying for college after graduation is tough.

Many organizations and groups recognize the uphill battle female students face. With that in mind, here are 10 unique opportunities for women to get help in paying for college. 

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If you're planning on taking out a loan to help pay for college, you may be wondering if a Direct PLUS Loan (also called the Parent PLUS Loan) is the way to go. Here, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Parent PLUS loans so you can decide if they're a good deal for you. We'll cover:

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Here at Nitro, we frequently talk with financial aid officers at colleges and universities around the country.

When we ask them about the biggest mistake people make when paying for college, we hear the same thing over and over: They don't apply for FAFSA.

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Did you know your college ID or email address could be worth money in your pocket? It’s true.

Flashing your student ID or ponying up an email address with .edu at the end could land you some pretty amazing discounts, online or in-person.

Taking advantage of those savings could mean that you’ll have more money to put toward your education, so you can avoid borrowing more than you really need.

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