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Ditch that Debt: Check Out These Scholarships for African-American Students

When you’ve done the hard work of earning the grades to get into your school of choice, nothing is more frustrating than the idea of taking on a mountain of debt to get to graduation.

That’s why every college-bound high school student should apply for as many scholarships as they can. Free money is out there waiting for you and the more you apply, the greater your odds of success.

Black students and scholars of color have lots of options available to help lighten the load when the tuition bill comes due.

How to find scholarships

Whenever you’re doing a scholarship search, take a second to think about what makes you unique.

Whether it’s your major, your faith, your college, or your essay writing skills, getting specific can lower the number of students you compete with and boost your chances of earning that college cash.

Take a look below to find just some of the scholarships available that might be right for you.

NOTE: Many of these scholarships are offered annually. If the due date has passed for this year, set a calendar reminder to check back in a few months. 

General scholarships

This large scholarship is offered to all black students, with preference given to education majors:

Ron Brown Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to any students aged 18-25 willing to write an essay on the importance of education:

Coffeeforless.com Hit the Books Scholarship

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And here’s another for those willing to write an essay on immigration:

USAttorneys.com Immigration Scholarship Essay Contest

By major

 You can find scholarships designed especially for healthcare students:

Mae & Mary Scholarship Fund

For students in STEM or business majors

Jesse L. Jackson Sr. Fellows Toyota Scholarship

For students in creative fields 

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships

For students majoring in fashion, retail or related fields

Brag Scholar Award

For both ladies and gentlemen

For ladies of color with leadership skills:

Women Lead Scholarship

For African-American men graduating from high school:

Edwin G. Irvin Foundation Scholarship


Two different scholarships are offered to students attending an Historically Black College and University (HBCU):

George Washington Carver Scholarship Fund
Joshua David Gardner Memorial Scholarship

By religious affiliation or lack thereof

For members of the Presbyterian Church:

Presbyterian Student Opportunity Scholarship

For students who are atheistic, agnostic or otherwise non-religious:Freedom from Religion Catherin Fahringer Memorial Award

No matter what your story is, there are scholarships out there for you. Check out our database of scholarships and apply for as many as you can.

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