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Libby Miller is a freelance copywriter. With experience working in both financial aid and the student loan industry, Libby loves helping students and their families get the best bang for their buck on a college degree.
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There are a lot of different financial ingredients to consider when figuring out how to pay for college and the “recipe” for every family is different.

For families across the financial spectrum, a part-time job for their college student is a piece of the puzzle, whether it's just for some extra pizza money or to pay the tuition bill.

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You may have thought your financial aid award letter would answer one burning question: how much does this school cost? But, as you may have noticed, many schools don’t include the cost of tuition in financial aid award letters. 

On top of that, your financial aid allocations can be ... confusing. Can you imagine buying anything else in life without knowing the price, or what kind of discount you might be receiving? Probably not. 

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Parents and teens often have very different priorities for selecting a school. While parents often focus on the career and personal investment of college, students are more likely to consider things like quality of housing, proximity to friends and other day-to-day living issues.

In this article, we're going to break down exactly how to help your teen understand the hard-to-conceptualize costs of college—and how they can have a huge impact on their future. 

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Can't decipher the award letter from your school's financial aid office? Here are some of the most commonly used abbreviations and what they stand for.

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When you’ve done the hard work of earning the grades to get into your school of choice, nothing is more frustrating than the idea of taking on a mountain of debt to get to graduation.

That’s why every college-bound high school student should apply for as many scholarships as they can. Free money is out there waiting for you and the more you apply, the greater your odds of success.

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When you get your financial aid award letter, your eyes may automatically scroll down to the bottom line—but that is a mistake. 

Why? Because most financial aid award letters fail to give you the complete picture. 

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