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Katie Taylor is a content writer and editor with expertise in law and policy, finance, and entrepreneurship. She writes for startups and small businesses about everything from bookkeeping to telecom. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post and She is continuing to pay off law school loans and lives in Richmond, Vermont with her wife, son, and an unruly dog.
Katie Taylor

If you’re expecting a new baby, you probably know that your finances are about to change … but maybe you’re not sure exactly how much they’re going to change, or in what ways. I can relate.

When my wife was pregnant, we spent a lot of time talking about the potential cost of childcare. What we didn’t talk about were the small purchases that add up over time: diapers and wipes, milk storage bags, and teething wafers. Oh, and every single swaddle or sleep sack that got an Amazon reviewer’s child to sleep through the night. 

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You might be putting off saving until some future time when you make more money. But is that really realistic or is it just wishful thinking? 

CNBC ran a story recently about an anonymous couple in New York City who, though they bring in a combined $500,000 a year, haven't been able to set money aside for savings.  So where is all that money going? 

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For many people, asking for a promotion is right behind public speaking on the list of things that cause their palms to sweat and their vision to go bleary.

Yes, it can be intimidating, but knowing how to ask for a promotion can increase your chances of success. Focused preparation can help you feel ready to make the case about why you deserve a promotion. And that's the key — explaining why you've earned a promotion and why promoting you will be good for your organization.

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Have you ever thought that if you were making a movie star's salary, you'd never have to worry about your finances again? 

Perhaps that's true, but spending less than you make takes discipline no matter how much is in your bank account. Even the richest celebrities get into money trouble. Here are ten examples of celebs who overspent, underpaid, and made financial messes. Learn from their mistakes.

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The D-word. Shudder.

No one wants to think about debt—much less talk about it. And when it comes to actually doing something to get out of it? You certainly wouldn't be alone if you found yourself pretending to live in a unicorn-filled land where your student loan balance doesn't exist. *Raises hand*

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The halls are decked, the chestnuts are roasted, and the weather outside is frightful—though not quite as frightful as your student loan bill. 

Even if you’ve taken our advice and lowered your student loan payments, you still can’t throw your budget out the window for the month of December. 

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