Nitro Knowledge. Your Guide to Paying for College.

The SAT and ACT tests are a key part of your college application. And a stressful one. But there are things you can do to ensure you’re as prepared as possible.

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Your years of PTA fundraisers, attending ball games and recitals, and playing chauffeur, are almost over. But before your child finishes high school you still have one task looming ahead: helping choose the right college.

It’s an exciting and scary time for both of you. For every daydream about fall afternoons on the quad your child likely has a related anxiety: What kind of school is best for me? What should I study? And how do I pay for it all?

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In addition to comforters and shower shoes, your 2020 fall packing list will probably need some additions and modifications thanks to COVID-19. 

Here are some things that you might want to add to your dorm-room inventory, including some obvious packing additions like masks, as well as some items that aren’t so obvious.

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Sure, sheets and towels are important, but tech stuff is probably one of the highest priorities for your college packing list.

Having the right equipment and functionality can be a key factor in getting your schoolwork done. And let’s face it: You’re also going to need electronics for entertainment, socializing, and just about every other thing you’ll be doing.

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If you're moving to campus for the upcoming semester, you're probably wondering what you should pack and what you should leave at home. And with the whole COVID situation, there a few additional things you might want to bring, just in case.

We've got you covered. In this checklist, we'll tell you everything you'll need and want your first year in a dorm. Scroll down to view to items by category, including a special COVID section.

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Did you know your college ID or email address could be worth money in your pocket? It’s true.

Flashing your student ID or ponying up an email address with .edu at the end could land you some pretty amazing discounts, online or in-person.

Taking advantage of those savings could mean that you’ll have more money to put toward your education, so you can avoid borrowing more than you really need.

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