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The most affordable way to earn a bachelor's degree is pretty simple: Start at a community college and then transfer to a public, in-state school. Oh, and live at home if you can. 

This may not be the sexiest option you can imagine, but with ever-soaring tuition costs, it just might be the most sensible path. Your future self will thank you for not going into massive debt to fund your education.

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Hello NitroCollege Community,

Oh, the times we're living in right now. Remember last week, when we were still talking about SATs and college selection? A week later and here we are ... with our high school seniors staring down the prospect of potentially missing out on half of their last year of high school and all the milestone events that go with it. 

So what now? As of today, many high schools have not yet announced plans for the rest of the school year. What can parents do to help kids who feel like they're getting shortchanged in a way that most of us can't fully imagine? As this situation evolves, here are some things to keep in mind.

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How can you visit college campuses when so many of them are closed? And what about your deposits? Are they still due at the same time? Is anyone there to receive them?

Here's a great tool that can relieve some of that stress for you. 

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No parent wants to have the dreaded "helicopter parent" insult thrown their way. So you step back during the college decision process as much as you can, biting your tongue about how much you'll miss them if they go to college on the other side of the country or why they're writing a college application essay on their favorite video game. 

It's a delicate balance, but one place you really shouldn't keep your mouth shut? 

The price tag. 

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Dear NitroCollege readers,

I never write blog posts in a letter format, but it somehow seems fitting right now. With so many of us practicing "social distancing," we could probably all use a bit of human connection wherever we can get it.

I have two kids in high school. The school's Facebook page is full of questions, confusion, and fear. In our district, students are scrambling to figure out what to do about ACT and SAT cancelations. People want to know if prom is still going to happen. And what about the musical? And spring sports?

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The College Board has just announced that all SAT testing has been canceled until June 6th. So if you were planning on taking the test on March 14th or May 2nd, you'll need to make alternate plans. 

Here's what you need to know.

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