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If you’ve ever dreamed of taking classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), your dream just got a lot easier to achieve.

In an effort to foster innovation and reach more students, MIT has begun offering several programs of study online. While you can’t earn a degree solely from online coursework, you can earn the MITx MicroMaster’s credential, which allows you to enter an accelerated program to earn your master’s degree on-campus at MIT or at other participating schools.

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You want to get your nursing degree but you need more flexibility than you’d get if you enrolled in a nursing program at your local college. What are your options?

Can you get your Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) online? Yes and no. That is, you can complete much of your coursework online, but because nursing is a hands-on profession, part of your training must be completed in a healthcare facility. These programs are often referred to as hybrid or mixed programs.  

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If youre considering medical school, youre clearly not afraid of a challenge. But you may find that figuring out how to pay for your education is the biggest challenge of all.

Fortunately, there are quite a few paths to funding med school. Let's talk about your options.

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Want to get more scholarships but aren't confident that you have what it takes? We spoke with a scholarship expert to get the scoop on how to land more of that sweet free money for college. 

Ashley Hill started by helping her brother with his scholarship applications. She was so successful that her brother was able to attend Miami of Ohio for FREE. That inspired Ashley to launch the business 
Today she works with parents and students at all academic levels to help defray the cost of college — by focusing on scholarships. Here are 9 ideas that she shared with us that you can use to get more scholarships:

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As if the process of choosing and applying to colleges isn't hard enough, along comes the FAFSA form. There are tons of benefits to filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) but that doesn't mean it's a simple process.

In fact, at NitroCollege, we've got a whole section of our blog and a downloadable e-book dedicated to things you should know about filling out your FAFSA form. And one thing that makes the FAFSA even less straightforward is parent marital status when your parents are divorced or unmarried.

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Having “the talk” is something most teens and parents avoid. No, we're not talking about that talk. Rather, we mean the money talk.

But a recent study shows a major disconnect between students' expectations and parents' realities. That is, most students (about 65%) assume that their parents will fund whatever college they choose, while most parents (62%) aren't in a position to do so. 

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