Nitro Knowledge. Your Guide to Paying for College.

If you're considering going back to college online, you're probably wondering how to pay for it without taking on a lot of student loan debt.

One effective strategy is to work for an employer that offers tuition reimbursement. The good news is that you don't have to start a whole new career to enjoy employer reimbursement. By working part-time at one of these well-known restaurant or retail chains, you can get a serious assist on paying your college tuition. 

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If you've ever typed "online college" into a search engine, chances are you've seen more than one ad for Purdue University Global. Thanks to a massive advertising push, the school is creating a significant presence, helped along by the name recognition of Purdue University. 

But that name recognition has also caused quite a bit of confusion, leaving people to wonder if the online school is part of the brick-and-mortar institution called Purdue—and if it is, how that might impact a PG degree. Let's wade through some FAQs about this school and then discuss pros and cons of matriculating here.

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Everyone loves an employee discount, but mega-retailer Walmart is taking the concept to a whole new level. As part of their employee-benefits package, employees at Walmart and Sam's Club stores now have the opportunity to attend college for only $1 a day.

That includes ALL employees, whether they're part-time, full-time, or salaried. But that's not all. The store chain has also expanded the program to provide test-prep help for high school students, as well as other benefits to help them prepare for college. 

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Is it possible to go to college for only $250 a year? It is if you work for Chipotle. Even better: That benefit is available for both part-time and full-time staffers. 

You may be surprised to learn that Chipotle has one of the most-generous tuition reimbursement programs in the country right now for people who would like to earn their degree. The program allows benefits-eligible workers to earn their bachelor's or master's degree, their GED, or to study English as a second language. And get this: Some benefits are even open to staffers' family members. Let's dig into the details. 

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What's the best strategy for going back to school to advance your career? First, go to school online so you can more easily manage balancing school and your life. Second, get someone else to pay your tuition so you can avoid or minimize student loan debt. 

Believe it or not, a surprising number of companies are willing to foot the bill for you.So how you can find those companies? has created a searchable tool to help readers find top-ranked companies that offer tuition reimbursement. 

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Are you planning on working part-time while going to college? Were you considering going to college online? Then you really should know about the Starbucks tuition reimbursement program, because it may be one of the very best in the country. Why is that? Simple. You could go to college tuition-free. 

Not only does Starbucks offer generous tuition reimbursement to all benefits-eligible employees, there are are also few restrictions in what you can study—that is, as long as you choose something from Arizona State University's (ASU) extensive list of online offerings. Let's dig into the details of how this program works. 

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