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As a former high school counselor, I can tell you how emotional springtime can be for parents of seniors. If that’s you, know that it’s not uncommon to experience pride, excitement, fear, panic, and utter confusion on a daily basis.

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A few years ago, The New York Times defined Generation Z  (those born between 1995 and 2005) as “conscientious, hardworking, … and mindful of the future.”

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When you’re figuring out how to pay for college, having to budget for books can feel like the cherry on top of a very expensive sundae.

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When it comes to paying for college, sacrifice can go a long way. Sherill Farrell, the latest winner of our $5,000 Nitro Parental Scholarship, still drives a 2001 car, and she and her spouse built their Valrico, Florida home in order to avoid a mortgage. "My husband and I began saving for both our children's college at their birth. We felt it was our responsibility to provide whatever we could by the time graduation rolled around. Saving cost us, as well, but on our terms. We decided what we chose to give up in order to save--all in our control."

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Did you know that the U.S. had no co-educational colleges until 1833? That’s when Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH, opened its doors to both male and female students.

But once women had easier access to educational opportunities, there was no stopping them. Today, women make up 56% of the college population in the United States.

What’s even more exciting is that now there’s a whole host of scholarships available for women like you who are looking for ways to pay for college.

Because scholarship eligibility is often based on any number of differentiating characteristics, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be an honor student or show extreme financial need to qualify for scholarship funds.

Translation: if you don’t look for scholarships, you may be missing your opportunity for free college money. Remember, every scholarship dollar you are awarded is one less dollar you’ll need to finance in student loans.

Let’s talk about how to start your scholarship search.

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Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) freshman Danielle Hoeft is the latest winner of our quarterly $5,000 Nitro College Scholarship.

Here's how she found a way to graduate from college debt-free.

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